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Team “works”

January 3, 2017

Fuzion Communications 2016

Since starting in Fuzion back in February I have learnt so many new skills and new insights into the world of PR and business. I strongly believe I have learnt from the best which is brilliant. When you start out on the right foot from the beginning it makes a huge difference.

One of the main things that has stood out to me is the team work and this is something that works really well here in Fuzion. There is such a great atmosphere and work ethic between everyone and this makes a huge difference. We want to help each other, we work together to come up with solutions and when someone is under pressure we share the workload.

From the beginning when you step foot in Fuzion everyone just gets on. When I began in Fuzion everyone was and still is so welcoming and overall just nice, genuine people. New recruits have since followed and it has been the same for them. They seem to just fit in right away and everyone genuinely gets on.

Here in Fuzion we often have simple fun activities. We had a team day last summer where we went to beautiful Kinsale for dinner and we then headed onto a Gavin James concert at the Marquee, which was brilliant. Just before Christmas we had our Christmas party where we had great fun splitting into groups and finding our way around various pubs in the city with the help of cryptic clues that we were given at the beginning of the day. We were good at that task!

We often go for pizza and drinks after work and it’s just a fun and simple way to just relax and socialise outside of work with our colleagues.

Fuzion definitely understands the importance of teamwork and it pays off. Whether it be in our Dublin or Cork Office everyone works together. A happy team is definitely a more productive team and a together team can achieve so much more.

So “team” really works!

Happy New Year!

Saidhbh Sweeney - Fuzion CommunicationsSaidhbh

Saidhbh Sweeney is a PR Executive with Fuzion Communications: PR, Marketing and Graphic Design


Game, Set and Match ..

October 1, 2013

I’ve played tennis for as long as I can remember, and really enjoy a good game of doubles. I enjoy the camaraderie of doubles, and sharing the glory of a great win with my partner.

Sam Stosur

I’m competitive and I like to win, but not to the degree where the game isn’t fun anymore. For me, enjoying what you’re doing is the main thing, and you tend to get better results when you are in this frame of mind.

I’ve had so many doubles partners through the years, and some I’ve enjoyed playing with much more than others – the ones that take it too seriously, like it’s a matter of life or death, make me uncomfortable. I like to have fun on court, and I tend to play better when I relax and get into the swing of things (literally).

Doubles is about working together, figuring out a strategy, and of course, cooperation. There’s no point in getting annoyed with my partner if she makes a wrong decision on court, or vice versa. Things tend to go from bad to worse if that’s the attitude taken, and frustration sets in. It’s much better to take mistakes on board, and do your best to ensure they don’t happen again.

Lately I’ve been thinking, tennis isn’t too different to the world of business! There are ‘partners’ I enjoy playing with, and who I win with more than others, and it’s really down to how we approach the ‘game’ together.

Australian professional tennis player Sam Stosur once said “You’ve just got to get over that mental hurdle and those battles in your own head during matches when things aren’t going so well. It takes time. It’s probably all things I already knew, but for someone to talk about it maybe in a different way makes you realise things.” 

In doubles – whether it be on the court or in the office, you have the opportunity to work as a team, and that gives you a distinct advantage to playing singles, so use it and before long you’ll be hearing the words “Game, set and match” followed by your name.

Ali O’Brien is a Senior Account Manager with Fuzion PR

Breaking bread together

November 30, 2011
Fuzion PR

Where are we going for lunch today?

Every Friday the team at Fuzion go to lunch together – we call it Fuzion Friday!

No matter what happens, no matter how busy we are we keep Friday precious and break bread together. Its a time when we chill out for a while, chat about the week, relax, crack a few jokes and simply bond over a bite of grub and yes, if we’re not too much under pressure we will share a bottle of vino.

We started this tradition a number of years back when it was just me, Dee and Ali in the team and somehow we never stopped and now the whole bunch of us go – that’s 9 of us when we are all together! Sometimes we might bring a client along and even the odd brave journalist has been known to join us. When things were very tight financially (when aren’t they!) the crew came to us and suggested that maybe we should stop this practice as it was probably costing us too much.

For us the ritual of sharing a meal together and de-stressing, just for a while every week is too precious and worth too much not to do.  I look forward to it so much – it’s a simple ritual that signifies we have pulled together as a team through another busy week. After all what is the point if we can’t do this?

I have worked in small companies and I have worked in large organisations and for me the most important thing is being happy – we spend so much of our time in work it is vital that we enjoy who we work with and that we enjoy a happy atmosphere together. For the most part my working life has been in good places with a good atmosphere but I have also experienced the total opposite. If that is you then “get out” – it will eat you up.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we do have our moments when we are under stress and everything isn’t Utopia (invoice day!) but to be honest they are more the exception.

I work with a great bunch, I will always protect the positive atmosphere because I just couldn’t bear the opposite – life is just too short to be unhappy at work.

I started this blog to share a particular story with you but realised half way through that the story of breaking bread together was worth a stage all of its own. I’ll tell you the other story next week!

Break bread with your team this week .. 

Greg Canty is a  parter of Fuzion

The Fuzion Women and The Royal Wedding!

April 29, 2011
Mary & William

William and Kate or is that Mary?

Now before I go any further let me stress that at Fuzion we have a team of intelligent, diligent and very hard working women ..

“Oh my God” this is going to be the best day ever … Mary (our Londoner, who may feel hard done by today – in the UK this would have been a day off – I think it is here as well!!) declares in a very excited fashion – Oh My God is right !! They are definitely a different species ..

The amount of time and detail and arrangements that have gone into the big day is incredible – I’m not talking about the the arrangements in London, I’m talking about the arrangements by the intelligent and hard working female crew in Fuzion.

The William and Kate inscribed champagne flutes are on standby, special cakes have been baked for the occasion, the LCD screen is set up and the wedding of the decade is about to be screened.

10:30 AM and we are already listening to the excited screams, oohs and aahs about the different dresses and I can confirm that the girls have freely admitted that “we would all love to be a princess”!

10:40: “Oh my God, I have that coat”, “Look at the dress it is, AMAZING !!” “She’s put on weight” “Look, look it’s Prince Charles”

11:02: The girls freak out as the screen freezes on the CNN feed- panic !

Now all the boys are watching it as well ..if you can’t beat them you may as well join them!

Major excitement as we have just unveiled a picture of Mary with Prince William – Paul did a great job with it and I think Mary is genuinely impressed .. we have another little gift for her later!

11:45: We are in the middle of the vows and girls are nervous .. very tense … Yahoo !! They have done it

Fuzion Girls

Fuzion girls working hard!

12:15 “Do you think they will kiss on the balcony ?” – What do you think? – of course they will ..

The champagne and Pimms is flowing, the scones and cream are ready, we have sandwiches, we have gorgeous cheeses, we have pate .. we’re having fun!

The girls are now practicing their Queen “wave” – Jill is definitely the best, guess who has done this before.

Mary is not impressed at the picture of her as the Queen, she prefers being a Princess I am guessing – she is the most fabulous girl, we’re mad about her! William would be lucky to have her but he had to settle for Kate, another commoner.

12:50 Ali arrives to join the fun!

13:05 and all the girls now are just waiting for the balcony kiss (by the way Posh Spice’s outfit got the thumbs up!)

13:27 – the moment has come, they have appeared on the balcony – Mary has declared to us that “I have goose bumps”, Kerrie being very practical “Ah for God’s sake, hold hands will ye!” .. wait for it, wait for it .. lots of waving, anticipation, more waving and there you go, smack – the most polite, useless pathetic kiss of all time!

.. the crowd are chanting … kiss again, kiss again, obviously not very happy with the 1st one … nothing doing just yet, more waving. Ah damn – they kissed while the cameras were following the air force jets flying overhead – what a waste!

That’s nearly it, they’re all going in, backs turned and in they go – “That marriage isn’t going to last” , “Ah, I think it will”

Fuzion wedding girls photo
Fuzion girls know how to have fun!

William and Kate (or Mary!) you brought us a little bit of magic today, thank you and the very best of luck!

It probably won’t be easy..

Now – back to work!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

What’s in your boot?

March 17, 2011
What's in your boot?

What's in your boot?

We had the most interesting day with the Fuzion team the other day.  We were being filmed for RTE’s new show, The Business Show.  For this episode, the presenter, George Lee had asked Colm Murphy from Dynamic Leadership to spend some time with us going through the Myers Briggs Test.  It was great fun and I think we all learned a little more about each other and why we really gel as a team.

At the very end of the process we had to put our four key personality ”preference” selections into boxes and it defined what “type” we all were.  I was sure that the outcome would be that we would be in the same or neighbouring boxes.  We are a creative bunch, who work hard, play hard and are good team players, but it was interesting to see our differences and how this compliments the team and makes us who we are.  But surprise, surprise, out of 8 of us we were in 5 different boxes, showing a wide range of personality types.

Colm then showed us what the different boxes meant and I was so chuffed when it turns out I am in one of the boxes that 60% of CEO’s are in.  And before you ask, Greg wasn’t!!!  So it looks like I’m officially The Boss!!!

One interesting outcome of the “test” was that each of us had four different attributes that were key to the ‘box’ that we were in.  The first attribute Colm described as our ‘engine’ – the attribute that normally drives us.  The second attribute was our ‘co-driver’ – the attribute that is always beside us, assisting us in our daily working life.  When it came to the forth attribute, Colm described this as “what was in our boot” – the attribute that comes to the fore when we are under strong pressure.

He gave the example of a scene from The Sopranos:  The gangster is driving away from the scene of a crime, he has hidden the ‘body’ in the boot, but as he makes his escape, he hears a banging noise from the boot, his enemy is still alive – and reminding him that he has a job to finish!!

I couldn’t make sense of this really, until I saw that my ‘body in the boot’ attribute was ‘Emotion’.

At work I think it is a major weakness, to show emotion at work.  Of course we should be passionate about our work, but emotions often lead to lack of judgement and can lead to people making bad decisions.  But then I realised that this was definitely my body in the boot – Emotions will come to the fore when I am under pressure.

An example would be a few years ago we were working on a project of ours called Catwalks, a glamorous VIP Girl’s Night Out event – a communication went out to the media, that was not in keeping with our core message.  I was really upset as I had not been in the loop on the approval cycle.  I was just about to ring the person who had issued the communication and let give them a piece of my mind! Greg stopped me.  He said think about the brand, not my emotions when I was talking to the person.  It made me calm down straight away.  I was able to communicate rationally why it was wrong for the brand, rather than why it should have gone out without my approval. By being logical about it, the person saw straight away that it was wrong and never made the mistake again.  I didn’t get all emotional and upset, and in the process I maintained a good working relationship with the person who now had a better understanding of what we needed to communicate.

I think it is so important that we all recognise that we have a ‘body in the boot’, to be aware of it, acknowledge it and understand it and most importantly to stay in control and not be controlled by it.

This has been a really great learning for me that I hope will make me a better business person. Thanks to RTE, Colm and the lovely George for giving me this valuable insight.

Now fingers crossed that the piece which airs on Friday 25th March will show us as the strong team that we are and that I won’t be hiding behind the cushion cringing watching the piece and getting all emotional, with the boot banging very loudly!!!!

Deirdre Waldron is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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