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Facebook capitalises on Celebrity Endorsements and Influencer Marketing

August 31, 2017

Recently Facebook announced new controls and capabilities for branded content marketers.

What does this mean?

For brands

This means that any influencer sponsored content can be seen and promoted by the brand once it is tagged and flagged. This gives the brand the ability to publish the post and also reach bigger audiences by boosting it.

Facebook - Influencer content

Once boosted the post will then appear with a ‘sponsored‘ tag allowing followers to see what is a paid for collaboration and what is not.

Facebook - Influencer posts

Now I know people are thinking about ways of getting around this but lets face it, it’s Facebook and there is no way around the all seeing, all knowing Wizard of OZ!

What will happen and is happening quiet frequently already, is that Facebook will suppress posts that do not carry any budget. Without extra budget a collaboration with an influencer may not generate the desired results/visibility.

A really positive outlook for this new change with Facebook is that brands can have peace of mind when it comes to being properly represented and can be selective with who they work with. Another plus is that the post will appear as originated by the creator with access to the content insights such as reach, engagement, total spend and cost per 1000 impression(CPM) to help them determine the effectiveness of posts that creators tagged them in.

For Influencers/Celebrities

This new way of collaborating on Facebook is a great way to show their followers how selective they are when choosing a brand to work with and to show that they are loyal to brands, not just promoting brands for the sake of it.

A lot of influencers are already very selective about the brands they work with it but this will change how some influencers approach this part of their job.

It will also separate those who have always been true and honest to their followers from those who are taking everything on in order to build a following and reach that “Everyone who wants to work with me” status, ultimately rendering their audience useless!

For PR/Digital Agencies

For agencies this is great news and helps when preparing post-campaign reports as well as building relationships for all involved – We love MEASUREMENT! (well our clients do!).

Your clients can rest easy that the collaborations you have suggested with the influencers you suggested were worth the spend. With access to the content insights all parties can see the results enabling you to measure what activity was the most successful and with what influencer. This can determine who the client might work with again in the future.

This new approach could see brands turning to lesser know influencers or celebrities that are not as much in the limelight as The Kardashians but have a genuine following. Choosing to work with then could allow brands to reach a bigger audience that they may not have tapped into yet.

For more information check out the Facebook announcement here:


Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion Communications, a full service agency who have offices in Dublin and Cork. 

Fuzion offer a full Social Media Consultancy service.

Advertisements that pull at your heartstrings – are they only for Christmas?

May 18, 2017


This morning, like most other mornings people are continuing to find things to give out about.

I’m very much about voicing your opinion when necessary, but sometimes I feel it can all be a tad dramatic! This time one of the world’s favourite fast food joints, McDonald’s was under attack for their newest advertisement, which is now tactlessly titled the “McDonald’s Dead Dad Advert”, making it easier to find online for those interested.

What is the advert about?

The advert shows a boy who was clearly very young when his dad passed away and is intrigued to know more about him – what he was like, what sports he played etc.

His questions are his way of finding out how similar they might have been.

However, his mother depicts a person that he is nearly nothing alike. The boy seems disappointed but not upset at his findings but then just as he sits to enjoy his Fillet ’O’ Fish meal his mum tells him that what he has ordered was his dad’s favourite too and that he always got the tartare sauce on his chin.

The camera then cuts to the boy with tartare sauce on his chin, his mum smiling and looking out the window fondly remembering that moment she shared with her husband.

Watch advert here:

The commotion:

I’m not going to go into much detail on what people are saying about the advert, it’s pretty 50/50 but you can read up on this online for yourself. However, there were enough complaints for the advert to be banned.

According to The Journal.ieMcDonald’s said “t had not meant to upset anyone, but “wanted to highlight the role McDonald’s has played in our customers’ everyday lives — both in good and difficult times.”

McDonald’s said today it was withdrawing the ad “completely and permanently” and would “review our creative process to ensure this situation never occurs again.”

You can read the full article by clicking here:

My view:

So this brings me to my point, would this be more acceptable at Christmas time?

Let’s not forget EDEKA the German supermarket Christmas advert which shows a grandfather faking his own death which was also controversial but in a weird way somewhat humorous OR Lidl’s Christmas advert that showed a family celebrating the special time of the year but missing their Grandmother at the table.

You can view these videos by clicking on the links below:

The German EDEKA advert and the Lidl advert.

Both adverts show bereavement in a different way as does the McDonalds advertisement but they are all asking us to remember our loved ones that can’t be here with us anymore.

I personally think that the complaints are a complete overreaction. It was a well thought out advertisement showing a very personal side to what some families go through every day. It was upbeat, not at all morbid and I did not get the impressions that they were trying to say that McDonald’s fixes everything. I felt that they were showing how the brand is very much a part of nearly every family.

The boy’s newly discovered likeness to his father is a fond memory that his mother has, and is now something they can both share together – this connection could make their relationship as mother and son stronger.

The trip to McDonald’s could be one of many and a way for them to hang onto a shared memory – what is so bad about that?!

Not to get all morbid, but death becomes a part of everyone’s life at some stage and while right now you don’t need to experience it directly, if an advertisement can shine a light on the part of death that shows a family connection, nostalgia and shared memories then I’m all for it.

Of course, the ironic thing about it all is that McDonald’s as a brand is still grabbing the media and public’s attention.

So whether you like the ad or not they’ve created awareness for their brand while promoting a meal that probably isn’t on their most ordered list! It might not be how they wanted to receive this attention but it is still publicity at the end of the day!

Do you think McDonald’s were right to shut down their advert?


Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion Communications in our Dublin office. Fuzion provide Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Social Media Management services from our office in Dublin and Cork.

It’s hard to find the perfect shade of yellow when you’re a blonde?

May 4, 2017

Lena Dunham at the Golden Globe Awards

For decades it was suggested that blondes simply can’t wear yellow, as it clashes with their hair and gives their skin an unpleasant, pallid undertone. This might be true of certain yellows (Lena Dunham is just not having a good day here), but sometimes when you find that perfect shade/tone it can look fantastic!

With that said, this can also be true when looking for the perfect supplier of a service you require for your business. In this scenario, the client is the blonde individual and the shade of yellow is the service you require – Procurement!

PR is a service that some businesses, not all, often don’t clearly understand in terms of what the service is or how it can benefit them.

There are many elements to a PR campaign and more and more agencies are now adapting to the changing world of technology as well as developing extensions such as design, social media, digital support, and training.

For a business, it is important to find your perfect PR agency match (your shade of YELLOW!), but you also must be ready for PR and understand what type of support you need from an agency.

The following are some tips that will help guide you before contacting any agency:

1. Are you ready to share your company’s expectations, your business plans and goals?

This is important. An agency will need to know what direction the company is looking to go in and where they see themselves in the future. This can decide the concepts and angle the agency may suggest to you – is it a project requirement or a more long term like a retainer?

2. How much time are you willing to give to the PR campaign?

Your agency will require ease of access to the information they need to tell your story. The campaign can only go so far and move at the pace agreed if all parties are willing to invest the required time. Be sure you have a strong team that can help facilitate this.

3. Be realistic with your expectations re: Return on investment

This will not happen overnight and in reality you should expect to see media interest within 2-6 months of the campaign (this can be industry sensitive).

4. Social Media should be your best friend!

It’s time to embrace the online social space. This can be supported by your agency but no one knows your company better than you and it would always be recommended that the voice of the company is visible across all platforms – strategic plans can be created here to give direction.

5. Prepare to be open minded and uncomfortable

If you are looking to stand out from a sea of similar companies, products etc then you must be open to thinking outside the box but also within relevance and respect to your brand identity. It’s important to grab some of the spotlight!

6. Who will be holding your hand?

When you first meet your prospective PR agency you will more than likely meet a senior, super professional senior team. Our super tip here is to request that you meet the full team who will actually be doing the work on your account – do you like them, are they right for your business, do they seem to grasp what you are trying to achieve?

7. Financial expectations

Be realistic! You’re a business person that has a particular value on the work you do and so does the PR agency. This all boils down to what your needs and expectations are, as well as the time that you’re willing to give. All these factors can make a huge difference to the value, not just in relation to cost but overall results.


Golden Globe Awards

Now it’s time to look fantastic!

If you take all of this on board, approaching an agency should be easier with these points in mind and you will be on the right road to finding your PR agency match!

Your perfect YELLOW!


Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion Communications in our Dublin office. Fuzion provide Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Social Media Management services from our office in Dublin and Cork.



What is “Work Life Balance” to you?

April 18, 2017

Work Life Balance

Some people wake up at 6am to get a run or a workout in before they face the day, maybe do some yoga or meditation to start the day in a happier mindset or simply just because they like being up that early.

I wake up at 6am because I need to, to travel to work.

No, I am not complaining, it’s great to be working. I’m just saying that it would be nice to wake up at 6am and not run around my house like a mouse just after escaping the claws of the dreaded mouse trap because I need to get my train.

My point is that as industries grow and businesses get more and more tech savvy our jobs are changing with them. Remote work, sometimes seen as working from home/working from anywhere (depending on the role) is now part of a lot of job descriptions. This got me thinking about how we are now looking for newer ways to go to work and where to work from.

I see people every morning commuting to work on different modes of transport – bus, car, bicycle, moped, skateboard, electric scooter and regular train, bus, walkers like myself! (now I’m complaining!).

As employees, I feel we too (like consumers) are looking for new experiences in our jobs, our work environment and ways to achieve our full potential within our careers and personally, that achieve a positive “WORK LIFE BALANCE”.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is – What does “Work life balance” mean to you?

Someone recently asked me this and I was stumped. I knew I wanted it but what was it? So, I took myself aside and asked myself that very question.

Here’s what I came up with, for me work life balance is a lot of things…….but mainly it is being able to do my job to the best of my ability while having time for myself personally. It’s all about TIME!

There are so many articles telling us that working from home is bad or working from home is good, but I think it depends on the individual, their productivity and also accessibility outside of the office. A recent article from Silicon Republic referred to this luxury as a way of showing employees that the company they work for is flexible and trusts and values them.

So how is working from home a bad thing?

The same article quoted Michelle Hammond, senior lecturer in Occupational Behaviour at University of Limerick referring to the drawbacks of working from home, isolation being one of them. Full-time, I can understand this issue but part-time, isn’t it just that extra hour of rest in bed, the flexibility in the evenings or having more time with the family?

Irish Rail

Today, I am grateful for the work from home option since the trains decided to go on an unscheduled strike!

The remote access to my work allows me to do my job (time for a blog post!) in the exact same way as well as not letting down my team and supporting my clients. It also made me feel even more trusted and the flexibility spared me that feeling of always chasing time. I didn’t need to be finished at this time – to get to the next place – to get the Luas on time – to reach my train on time – to get home – Phew!

Everyone’s work, life balance is different and it is very much connected to mindfulness. For that reason, it is important to look at this and ask yourself that question – What does “Work life balance” mean to you?

Arlene Foy, Fuzion PR, Marketing Graphic Design, DublinArlene

Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion PR in our Dublin office.

Take Responsibility and Mind your Bits!

February 20, 2017

Wow! I’d like to address the topic of Cervical Cancer, a topic that should be addressed anytime not just in January!

This blog is prompted by a recent prospect meeting I attended, where I received a Cervical Cancer Awareness brooch representing the ‘Pearl of Wisdom’ with a clever hashtag #ShareTheWisdom.

Due to my social media addiction, I of course published a post across all my social platforms in support of a very relevant campaign for women across the globe. (I’m so popular with my 35 likes!)

Cervical Cancer

Although prompted by the brooch this blog is one of personal experience and a result of my lack of responsibility for my own body, which led to an experience I never want to go through again, mainly because I did not know what to expect.

I visited my doctor because mother nature had gone AWOL and this resulted with me getting an unplanned smear test. The last thing you expect to get are negative results, which only scream the word CANCER in your head.

For an over-thinker like me this was not going to sit in one little place in my mind..Oh no! This was going to spread into every little space that has never ever been filled with, well anything (even the science/maths section).

I thought about the dreaded results so much that I ended up being a miserable mess and crying on my dear brother’s shoulder, mainly because my mother would have thought this was the end for me!! We can be quite dramatic sometimes but I’m afraid this is the reality of when you know nothing about cervical cancer.

I was called for a Colposcopy – not only could I not pronounce it but it’s not the fluffiest of words either, so this was quite daunting. I roped one of my closest friends into coming with me and we went up the night before (this of course was Valentine’s Day, so quite inappropriate!).

The next day I went to Holles Street Maternity Hospital where everyone was very helpful and I got all the information I needed. I had a treatment called LLETZ, which removed the abnormal cells on the cervix under local anaesthetic using a very fine, heated wire loop. At this time they also tested for the HPV virus.

Afterwards I felt quiet tired (the effects of the anaesthetic) with a slight discomfort and I won’t go into everything else but a few days rest and hugging myself was in order to get me back on track.

When my results came back they were all clear and I can’t describe the incredible feeling of relief when opening that letter and reading those words. I would be called back in six months for a follow up smear test to check that everything was okay, which thankfully it was – phew and finally the mind rests!

Thanks to my doctor, I was lucky but also I believe as women we know our own bodies and mine was telling me that something was up, just like you know when a tummy ache is coming on. If that little feeling is playing on your mind do not let it lie – GET CHECKED!

Of course I am aware that one of the issues in relation to cervical checks is the age barrier for public health benefit. Young women under 25 years can be affected by cervical cancer but they are not covered via the public system – It can’t be too cheap to get this done and many may not have the cash.

However it is important for us all to be responsible and proactive about our own bits. If you are under 25 and feel something is not right don’t put it off, speak to your doctor and get yourself checked.

Well done to everyone behind the Cervical Check initiative – it is so important that we #ShareTheWisdom

Don’t overthink and let it flood the science/maths section of your brain – Get checked as it could just be one of those life changing decisions.


Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion PR in our Dublin office.

For more information visit –

Fuzion’s Christmas Gift Guide

December 20, 2016

Christmas is a time for being grateful, for spending time with family and friends as well as the giving and receiving of gifts – the part we all secretly enjoy the most, apart from dinner of course!

At Fuzion we work with an array of amazing clients which is why we know our clients have a lot to offer the public and we want our blog readers to know this too.

We have listed below some of our clients that offer fantastic services or goods that would make for a perfect Christmas gift idea.

We hope this might help with any last minute gifting decisions!

Vintage Tea Tours

Vintage Tea Tours

It has been said that if tea can’t fix it, then there’s no hope!

Vintage Tea Tours is the Dublin City tour with a difference and is the perfect gift for a lovely girls day out with your bestie or your mam!

Dad’s will love this too but we secretly think it’s because of the Guinness Brownie! While on board you will get the chance to enjoy some of the city’s well-known sights, whilst comfortably seated in a vintage double decker Routemaster bus named Pauline and indulging in some delicious afternoon tea treats!

The tour runs three times a day: 11am, 1.15pm and 3.30pm and tickets start from €40.

Passengers will be in the safe hands of Driver Bob and the on-board Vintage Tea Tours Team who will share some interesting and juicy “need to know” facts about Dublin, its sights and of course the lovable Pauline!

For more information on Vintage Tea Tours and to but a voucher, please visit You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Ted Baker

Ted Baker - Christmas 2016

Ted is on Mission Impeccable this Christmas season!

An unswerving focus on quality and attention to detail can be seen throughout the Autumn Winter 2016 jewellery collection, resulting in captivating pieces for the perfect Christmas present.

Ted has got you covered no matter what the occasion – his alluring collection offers a variety of striking seasonal shades in emerald green, royal blue and ruby red. The floral collection is the ideal mixture of bold and beautiful.

Let’s not forget Ted’s signature jewellery design the ‘Ted Baker Button’ and this season it is bigger and better with some festive sparkle – the perfect dainty piece to wear with a cashmere sweater.

Available in gold, rose gold and silver, this season’s jewellery collection screams sophistication and are the perfect additions to your accessory wardrobe.

Send someone on their Mission Impeccable this Christmas – please visit jewellery stores nationwide or check out for a full list of Ted Baker stockist’s.


Cosmo Restaurant – Liffey Valley

Cosmo Restaurant - Liffey Valley

Gift the experience of sizzle at Cosmo Restaurant at Liffey Valley – a new and exciting dining experience that promises to bring it’s customers on a trip around the world as they experience a variety of cuisines, flavours and cultures.

Diners can expect to be taken on a gastronomic journey where they will discover authentic flavours and cultures with a choice of over 150 dishes from around the world.

With a “cook fresh, eat fresh” philosophy, live cooking stations, including Teppanyaki which will provide a theatre of tastes, aromas and sounds, this will be most definitely a dining experience unlike any other.

COSMO Dublin is open seven days a week (closed Christmas Day) and customers can expect to enjoy unlimited courses for one set price, (prices for Lunch and Dinner vary). COSMO Dublin, is the perfect venue for families, groups of friends or colleagues.

For more information or to make a booking, please visit


James Whelan Butchers

James Whelan Butchers

Delicious food plays a central part in every family Christmas and James Whelan Butchers is the perfect place to find the highest-quality, naturally reared products for your table – directly from their stores to your door.

Having their own farm, abattoir and shops to sell their produce, allows JWB to give people that essential element of trust that every consumer requires when they buy meat in JWB stores or order online.

To find out more about James Whelan Butchers or to order online visit

James Whelan Butchers is available at:

  • Dunnes Stores, Cornelscourt
  • Dunnes Stores, The Swan Centre, Rathmines
  • Avoca, Rathcoole
  • Avoca, Kilmacanogue
  • Oakville Shopping Centre, Clonmel


Town and Country Hampers

Town and Country Hampers

Want an easy way to buy quality Irish gifts without the hassle of traipsing through the shops?

Then Town & Country Hampers is your answer. With a fantastic selection of gourmet gift hampers, you are sure to find the one for you no matter what the occasion, especially with Christmas on the horizon.

Sourcing the finest range of genuine Irish products, has earned Town & Country Hampers a Guaranteed Irish Award, acknowledging their support for small independent Irish producers where time honoured methods are still revered.

To really steal the show this Christmas, with everything you need to celebrate, Town & Country Hampers’ Festive Hamper (€129.15) will certainly deliver.

Presented in a beautiful bespoke design leather bound trunk, this hamper includes an array of traditional Irish festive foods such as a luxurious Irish Christmas Pudding from Jack Cuthbert’s Bakery, chutney from Crossogue, savoury biscuits from Athenry, and  Foods of Athenry Fruity Mince Pies, to name a few, all complemented with a selection of award winning French wines.

Town & Country Hampers offers a national and international delivery service.  For more information email, call (021) 4808100, or visit


30 Seconds and Junior 30 Seconds

30 Seconds and Junior 30 SecondsEveryone loves a great board game on Christmas day and 30 Seconds is the quick thinking fast talking description game that is perfect for any group or family, big or small.

It’s simple to play and is easily enjoyed by all age groups – it really is the game for everyone!

The game is straightforward; players must describe & give hints to their teammates so that they can correctly guess as many of the five names on the card as they can – without using any ‘sounds like’ or rhyming tactics. All this of course has to be done in 30 Seconds!

30 Seconds is fiercely entertaining and can be played by anyone anywhere – just keep the noise down!

While 30 Seconds is suitable for teenagers, college students and adults of all ages, Junior 30 Seconds is good for primary school children, and their families and teachers.

The RRP is €29.99 and it is available in toy stores nationwide.


Manor West Shopping Centre and Retail Park

Manor West

Manor West Shopping Centre and Retail Park has everything you need this Christmas!

With a wide range of fantastic stores you are sure to find the perfect Christmas present & for the person who has everything why not gift them with a Manor West Multicentre Gift Card.

Manor West will also have manned car parking areas over the festive period as well as extra parking opened daily behind Debenhams during peak traffic times.

All the parking as always is free of charge, so one less drain on the pocket!

For more information check out or visit their Facebook page.

Christmas starts with Manor West – the best shopping in Kerry!


Sean Taaffe Hair – Happy 10th Birthday!

Sean Taaffe - Hair Salons

Give the gift of pampering and relaxation – It’s what vouchers were made for! At Sean Taaffe, award winning hair salons your loved one will be looked after by a team of professionals, from hair to make up, from manicure to pedicure!

Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty has salons in Killarney, Tralee and Killorglin, and a team of over 60 talented professionals. For the budding hairstylist in the family why not check out the Sean Taaffe Academy.

For more information on Sean Taaffe or to make an appointment please vist or call 066 976 1869. You can also keep up to date on the Sean Taaffe Facebook and Twitter pages.


Down Syndrome Ireland


This year Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) and their members have created a fabulous pack of six Christmas cards as well 2017 calendars.

To support DSI and Sean, Caoimhe, Charlie and Paddy who helped to make these Christmas Cards please visit where you can buy the cards and calendars.

Thank you for supporting #Christmas4DSI


Mercy Hospital Foundation


This year The Mercy Hospital Foundation Christmas Appeal will see an envelope containing a tea bag and appeal letter fall through the post boxes of homes around Munster in the coming weeks.

Why does it contain a tea bag you ask?

Well, The Mercy Hospital Foundation invites you to make a cup of tea for yourself and take a moment to think about what is really important in life this Christmas.

As the old saying goes, there’s not a lot that a cup of tea can’t solve, but unfortunately, this does not extend to cancer. And that’s why the Mercy Hospital Foundation needs you.

For more information on The Mercy Christmas Appeal or to make a donation call (021) 4274076 or visit

Thank you for reading – I hope you liked my list!


Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion PR in our Dublin office.

Let’s be Women for Women, not Women versus Women!

August 2, 2016

Pregnant woman on the train

Is empowerment simply respecting each other?

I am not usually the one in the crowd flying the flag up high for us females. I’m more of a carry on as is type of gal, but when I need to voice my opinion “you’re going to hear me”!

While this is not my usual type of blog post, I feel that this topic needs to be discussed.

Inspired by the events of my run-of-the mill daily commute, I began to wonder “is empowerment simply respecting each other, or is there more to it?

It was one of those ‘everything is late’ mornings and following my arrival to Heuston train station I came to find the enormous queue for the 145 bus. By the time I finally got on the bus there was only standing (with your face against the wall) space left – tight spots aren’t really a problem for me….I’m 5ft 2.5” and if your vertically challenged like me then you know that half means everything!

As the bus pulled out of Heuston Station, I scanned my surroundings, noticing the sea of commuters poised over their phones, drowning out the rest of the world’s noise with their headphones. While this is not an unusual sight for anyone commuting to work in the morning, what really grabbed my attention was a lady looking fairly snug amongst the human bus blanket, who had a neat little baby bump to match.

She was standing near the wheelchair space. I asked if she would like me to get her a seat but she declined (there wasn’t any so I was going to have to ask someone to get up! I’m nice like that!).

One of my reasons for asking her was because the women sitting on the pull-down chair in the wheelchair space pretended not to notice her while continuously staring at her bump, which did not go unnoticed by other passengers. Plus the fact that three other women were also glaring at her with eyes that screamed and sounded like our own mothers saying “Get up and have some manners – that might be you some day”.

I’m sure I am not the only person that has been in this position before or has had these thoughts. I am not a mother or a mother to be, but I am a daughter and I was raised to care, to be vigilant, to have manners and respect.

This action, or lack thereof, genuinely annoyed me but also left me feeling a little guilty. Was it my place to point out her ignorance or do I just carry on about my business because the woman standing could have asked for the seat herself?


But this poses the question: Why should she have to ask?

Do we not have enough respect for each other in this day and age to just be nice? My mother always says “If you don’t ask, then you don’t get and then you’ll never know the answer!”.

I guess my point is that I tried to change the situation on the bus by empowering myself to point out my frustration, that simply the lady is pregnant and give her your seat!! I thought my actions would empower those around me to offer up their seats but no – the frustrating fact is that in some situations people don’t want to be empowered.

They actually just don’t care – This is also frustrating because it’s the truth of the world we live in today!

There are many valid questions for this and it shone a light on my way of thinking for the first time ever concerning ‘Women v Women’ and the role of supporting each other not just in work, but in everyday life.

So I asked the Google gods and found loads of websites in reference to the topic. After a lot of reading I decided that for me it’s not just about women empowering women, it’s about empowering each other in general and also finding ways of empowering yourself.

Then there’s realising the fact that there is always going to be that person who will never give up her seat – I know shock-horror!

Here are some of the points I came across that I thought might be useful or at least thought provoking:

  • A lot of empowerment is about the ability to read through the lines and spotting opportunities – remembering sometimes someone’s advice is to help, not to set you back. I think this gets easier to recognise as you get older!
  • Be a mentor, not a competitor
  • Promote each other and don’t be afraid to promote yourself
  • Give yourself a break, give each other a break
  • Educate and empower others, who will then empower others and so on
  • Lastly, don’t be the pregnant lady not asking for the seat to sit down and don’t be the lady pretending not to notice the pregnant lady that needs to sit down!

Let’s be Women for Women, not Women v Women

Arlene Foy, Fuzion PR, Marketing Graphic Design, DublinArlene

Arlene Foy is an Account Manager with Fuzion PR in our Dublin office.

I am Social Media!

April 19, 2016

Digital Influencers

I am social media

How many of us can actually say this?

Technology expansion and Social Media takeover is a global conversation that is always there to be had. It has vastly taken over person to person conversations but it has also enhanced it, by allowing us to have our face to face conversations in several different ways through Apps and to be honest I really think this is fantastic!

However, these advancements have opened up a whole new careers sector of ‘Digital Influencers’, a new role that is not just about having a job, it’s a lifestyle and a way of expression, doing what you love and sharing it with others.

So what is a ‘Digital Influencer’?

For me it is someone who exists across multiple platforms and through sharing their thoughts, skills, lifestyle, likes, dislikes and discoveries with a dash of personality have carefully nurtured an online following of people, who are genuinely interested in what they have to offer or live to criticise their being!

So how has this simple thought sharing activity grown so much that it is now a sought after career?

Recent findings from the Sermo Digital Influencer Index, shows us that bloggers/influencers have extended their reach and influence by creating a multi-platform presence in a global, female dominated “Industry” – yes it think it has grown so much that it can now be referred to as its own industry!

The research also showed that because of access to these other platforms, blog readership figures are falling and Instagram is leading the way because it is the one platform that allows users to be visually appealing and is a somewhat compact version of Facebook and Twitter with a higher rate of engagement. Another interesting finding was that Digital Influencers were now creating multilingual content to achieve global status and inherit more followers – smart!

Many Digital Influencers have built a solid and lucrative business from doing what they love and showing people who they are.

Much of their business includes brand collaborations, affiliation sales, charging for posts or mentions and making appearances to name a few! This has worked quite well for some of Ireland’s Digital Influencers and Sermo paid recognition to Ireland’s Top 10 with one particular influencer making the Global Top 16, Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe. (see below for full list)

zanne Jackson - SoSueMe

The PR world is very much aware of the Digital Influencer world and many are now staple contacts in all PR agency press databases.

Here are some of our top Digital Influencers:

  • Suzanne Jackson – So Sue Me
  • Pippa O’Connor –
  • Joanne Larby – The Make Up Fairy
  • Lisa Jordan- Just Jordan
  • James Butler – Jus de James
  • Marissa Carter – Coco Brown
  • Grace Mongey – Faces by Grace
  • Rosie Connelly – Hearts Heels and Handbags

Sermo Digital Influencer Index

Top 10 – Ireland

  • So Sue Me – Suzanne Jackson
  • Pippa – Pippa O’Connor
  • Chloe Boucher
  • Anouska  – Anouska Proetta Brandon
  • Thunder & Threads – Leanne Woodfull


  • Erika Fox – Retro Flame
  • My Name is Vogue – Vogue Williams
  • James Patrice – James Butler
  • Penny and Polaroids – Nuala Gorham
  • Ciara Doherty – Ciara Doherty 

and some rising Stars..

  • Lauren Bejaoui
  • The Daily S’elf – Nadia el Ferdaoussi
  • Catherine Poulain

What’s your passion, what are you obsessed about…is it time to start influencing?

Arlene Foy, Fuzion PR, Marketing Graphic Design, DublinArlene

Arlene Foy is a valuable part of the Fuzion PR team in our Dublin office.

From a handshake to a hug

February 8, 2016


In everyday life we meet new people – whether it is in your work life or your social life, these encounters usually use some form of communication.

It could be a simple smile or an acknowledging nod of the head, maybe some quick chit chat or it could all be from behind a screen. Either way these could all be seen as a type of relationship which sometimes can develop into nothing. Think about your daily commute to work and that one person you pass everyday. You might acknowledge them with a smile, a nod or some awkward eye contact but have you actually ever spoken to them? Funny thing is because we are creatures of habit and our daily routines happen like clock work these brief meetings have probably been reoccurring for years. (Just like Bill Murrays bad hair day in Groundhog Day!)

This led me to think about similar situations in my own life and how I choose to deal with them and not deal with them.

Everyday I take the same walk to work and pass the same people but there is one person I pass at the same spot around the same time, nearing the end of my commute. We acknowledge each other with the same half smile and I find myself thinking isn’t that so strange?

We are polite enough to acknowledge each other but not enough to actually speak! Even though in your mind you do the whole imaginary “Hey, how are you?” Then why are we so different in our work environments?

This is mainly because of the environment it takes place in. Meeting new people, taking part in conversations and building relationships is all part of your work life and it aids in your progression and helps build the foundations for your career, so as you can be your best at your job. As daunting as this can sometimes be, it forces you out of your comfort zone and into new challenges – this is a good thing I swear!

So where am I going with this you might be wondering?

I am going to use the above nonsense to make reference to my job! Working within the communications industry you are given the opportunity to develop work relationships with lots of different people – the media, your clients and potential clients.

These relationships all form in different ways and use a different etiquette. Take the media for instance. Initial contact the majority of the time is made via phone or email.

Let’s focus on the email – The first email is a formal introduction using Dear and Kind regards. As the email exchange becomes more frequent the formalities lessen and slowly your email signature begins to lose characters, until your name is simply an abbreviation of itself. (I go by ‘A’ now and for any ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans out there that’s kind of scary!) While this might be seen as bad it is really a good result and shows that a positive relationship is forming which allows you to do your job better and can increase your chances of achieving the results you need for your clients.

On the other hand you have your clients; this relationship must always be a professional one whether it is an existing or a potential client.

But don’t forget to be yourself – this is important and helps when building a personal and trustworthy relationship with the client, so as they know you have their best interests at heart.

With a client your professional mannerisms are demonstrated in all email and phone correspondence as well as face-to-face. Part of being a good public relations professional is being able to adapt in different social environments so as your client feels at ease and comfortable. Whether this is at meetings, grabbing a coffee or at a business lunch/dinner this can only benefit your relationship – They need to know that you get this!

For me this is all about that first face-to-face meeting.

Take into account that you may not have been the main point of contact for the client and you have more than likely exchanged countless emails and had quite a few phone conversations without ever meeting. Maybe they only know you by the little profile picture that travels with your emails?!

Eventually the day arrives and you are about to put a face to the name and the voice at the end of the phone and you think how funny it is that this situation can make you feel as nervous as a first date – Awkward!

In walks the client, you share a formal handshake and then that feeling of relief sets in and you chose to use the auld reliable, “It’s great to put a face to the name” line.  This not surprisingly gets a giggle and settles the mood. These happenings are all part of the process and help to bind a solid understanding and business relationship between you and your clients.

It makes it easier when you need to ask for something, gives you the comfort of knowing your boundaries and vice versa for your client. This once again is a good thing!

The meeting comes to an end, there’s been some laughter but mostly business but on exit the handshake turns to a brief hug and a kind “It was lovely to finally meet you” SUCCESS!

You achieved what you set out to do, cement the relationship and build up trust with the person behind the screen or phone that you speak to on a daily basis by simply bringing it from ‘A Handshake to a Hug!

Arlene Foy, Fuzion PR, Marketing Graphic Design, DublinArlene

Arlene Foy is a PR Executive with Fuzion in our Dublin offices.

Look’s a Panda!

September 16, 2015

Panda 1

My daily commute is such an entertaining part of my day.

From 7.15am to 8.30am my feet barely touch the ground except for my walk from the train platform to the 145 bus. If you are a commuter you will probably agree that there are many different types of commuters; those that sleep the whole train journey (I envy these people, once I’m awake that’s it till about 10pm), those that talk the WHOLE train journey or read or like me, those that do their make-up (Yes, I’m one of them judge away please!)

So why is my commute so entertaining and what could I possibly learn from my daily commute?

It is so entertaining because of the fact that I love to people watch. As part of this activity I also like to give people their own back story. These stories are usually about as far fetched as a ‘panda riding a bicycle across O’Connell Bridge on a Tuesday‘!

But nonetheless it keeps the creative juices flowing and in public relations it is very important to have your creative cap on. Clients want to be on trend, involved in the next guerrilla (or panda bear!)movement and in general to be seen. If you can create enough awareness for your clients, and they are aware of this, then you’re doing something right!

Another entertaining part of my commute is the fact that I now realise that our lives are like a TV show.

The Truman Show

I sometimes wonder – were we the ones being watched as we watched Jim Carrey in The Truman Show? There are so many different characters and you see the majority of these people every day, some of whom you speak to and some you don’t.

Is there no ‘comms’ in commute?!

We spend the whole commute hardly engaging with one another. But why? Honestly, I have no idea! Especially considering that communication is one of the factors that helps the world work – in business, education, politics etc. Without communication there can be no instruction or direction and this is part of what we crave in our daily lives.

In Public Relations, it is vital to have a relationship with communication and this is what makes the difference when dealing with clients, media and corporates, going the extra mile to building those relationships.

I guess what I’m trying to say is to look up, take notice and realise that in your everyday life there are lessons to be learned, that can be used in your work life. These lessons can benefit you and show that you’re not afraid to go that extra mile for your clients. Let these differences be what separate’s you from the rest!

One last point, I have just realised that in this blog I have given away enough information to run the danger of attracting a daily commuter stalker!

But I will warn you that my father has a very particular set of skills. Skills that he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for people like you Mr Stalker. If you take me, that will be the end of it. He will not look for me, he will not pursue you.

But if you don’t, he might just look for you, he will find you and he will pay you to take me.

Thanks dad ..

Arlene Foy, Fuzion PR, Marketing Graphic Design, DublinArlene

Arlene Foy is a PR Executive with Fuzion in our Dublin offices.

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