Can you have Profit without the Passion?



These two guys came into us, full of confidence about their new project.

They were introducing a new range of ready made meals to the Irish market, which they reckoned were going to be a huge success.

The market in Ireland was huge and growing and according to them poorly serviced with inferior products. They were going to bring restaurant quality meals with recipes designed by a high profile chef using the best of Irish ingredients.

These meals were going to be well packaged and would be ‘on shelf‘ at competitive products – this was their recipe for success!

By their reckoning they would conservatively capture a share of the market and even with moderate success they would make a fortune, it was guaranteed.

They had the listings with some of the multiples and our job was to launch the new range of products. They also had a good budget for the promotional campaign – success guaranteed?

I had a few nagging doubts ..

These guys had no history in food or experience in the industry. They had no passion for food – I tried and I tried to find it. I couldn’t see a genuine love for Irish ingredients and great food – this was just a way of making money and they reckoned they had all the necessary ingredients for success.

The high profile chef was equally unimpressive – I started to get the feeling that his ‘name was on the box‘ and that was about the extent of his passion for the project.

Of course he did the interviews and said all the right things but I just didn’t feel the passion for the project.

The launch date arrived, there seemed to be trouble with distribution, the products didn’t look well in the packaging and there was nothing special about the taste. It certainly wasn’t the superior restaurant quality ready-made meals that we were promised.

In no time at all the partners were fighting and the chef pulled back from the project. Effectively before the whole project got going they shut it down and many people including ourselves went without payment.

If there was genuine passion you would taste it in the end product, you would work hard to overcome any problems and you would dig deep and do everything to keep your dream alive.

Without passion you just give up ….that’s easier!

Passion is the single must important ingredient in your meal, your restaurant, your products, your service and your organisation.

Profit without passion? … I don’t think so 

Greg Canty 

Greg Canty is a Partner of Fuzion who offer Marketing, PR and Graphic Design services from our offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland


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6 Responses to “Can you have Profit without the Passion?”

  1. Orla Kelly Says:

    Just shared with our Greenshoots team

  2. passportsandpamplemousse Says:

    This is interesting! I started my business out of pure passion for natural ingredients and the traditional way of preparing my product… Profit was in 2nd place. If I wanted to be profitable, then to a certain extent, I should forget worrying about buying only fresh and high quality ingredients – they are considerably more expensive – and TIME. The way I prepare my product takes more time than its cheaper alternative! But you can taste the difference! So… is it possible to manage a business driven by passion and still put profit first? I agree though… passion is the number one ingredient… but in my case, there are more profitable ways of doing my business. I choose not to: I want quality over quantity (profit) in my case…

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Great post – it sounds like you could ‘opt’ for more profit anytime you wanted to but that would be a short term strategy that would undermine your brand and ultimately damage it.

  3. Emily Says:

    Great post – it sounds like you could ‘opt’ for more profit anytime you wanted to but that would be a short term strategy that would undermine your brand and ultimately damage it.

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