Facebook and “Show me the Money!”


Show me the money

I was doing a simple status update on the Fuzion Facebook business page and I noticed a “notification” window open up that I had not spotted before.

Promote this post to get more views and comments” the notification window shouted at me. I already knew that I could create an advert for specific posts but it had never been waved at me so blatantly.

Between the changes to business pages that went through at the end of March, the stricter rules about running competitions and no longer being able to specify “landing” pages, Facebook are really hitting the brakes on your ability to generate activity and “likes” without writing a cheque…. the free ride is over.

promoted posts - facebookFor the business page owner/administrator you need to provide huge value, personality and clever content to make it attractive for users to “like” your page or you must simply write a cheque.

Facebook is now serious business and we have officially entered the era of “Show me the Money

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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2 Responses to “Facebook and “Show me the Money!””

  1. brianwebii Says:

    The only issue that occurs when advertising on Facebook is the mammoth amount of other businesses that enter into the mix, most of which will be searched and ‘liked’ by users who are already familiar with the product/business. While the competition is expected (and should be a driving force to become a stronger business), many users tend to either A. seek out what they know, or B. find what they need or want. However, as you’ve pointed out here, social networking has come to the forefront of any successful entrepreneurship/upstart and, if creatively well maintained, new and loyal business will surely come.

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