Are you following your Passion?

Peter D Walls

Are you following your passion?

I started telling this story in a previous blog post “Breaking Bread Together” , but there was a separate story there which I felt warranted its own stage so here goes eventually for the one I intended writing in the first place..

Fuzion Friday had arrived again – on Fridays our team at Fuzion share a meal together at lunch time. This is something we all look forward to as it is a highlight of our week when we all let the hair down and shake off some of the stresses of the week.

The chat starts off at around 12, “where will we go for lunch today” and after much discussion (Mary normally getting her way!) a restaurant is chosen and while the intention is to get there before 1 to avoid places being too busy we normally find ourselves trekking out the office door at about 10 past 1 because someone is always finishing something!

On this occasion it was me that was delaying proceedings so eventually I told the bunch to go ahead to Cafe Bar Deli and I’d catch up in a few minutes. As always I underestimated the 2 minutes it would take to finish what I was doing and I could see the “where the hell are ya” phone calls coming through to my phone.

Eventually I finish what I am doing and I race down the stairs and make my way quickly towards the restaurant. Heading quickly towards Oliver Plunkett Street I start to hear a really beautiful sound coming towards me – at a street corner I am greeted by the sight of this very tall gentleman dressed in a tuxedo singing the most beautiful version of “The Town I Loved So Well“. Despite the rush I was in I just had to stop and listen to this gorgeous performance, which was a rare treat not to be missed.

A few people did stop to listen, while other busy shoppers shuffled by going about their business. I could feel my phone vibrating in my pocket but I ignored it as this moment was too previous to miss. Eventually I had to move on (I could start to imagine the earful I was going to get by the crew) but only after first shaking this man’s hand and thanking him for a beautiful moment in an otherwise crazy busy week.

I took a photograph of this guy and noticed the sign by his feet complete with phone number and web address – his name was Peter D and his number (086) 7728344.

Over lunch I could not get this guy out of my head – what is his story? He was clearly very talented and here he was singing on a street corner, which surely was something “beneath him”? At least this is what my immediate reaction would be.

Intrigued I decided to check out his website and learn a little bit more about this street singer. With the help of Mr. Google I found his website, I found a YouTube clip of a street performance and I listened to an interview that someone did with him. It turns out he does this frequently, he appears in Thomas Street, Limerick every Saturday and he performs in Dublin during the week also.

Is this beneath him, surely his talent deserves a much better stage, why is he doing this, why is he putting himself in the mix with other buskers, who to be fair would not lace his musical boots?

Looking desperately for an answer to this question I found a simple quote on his website –

It’s never too late to follow your passion

..does it really matter what you are doing and where you are doing it as long as you are following your passion?

Happy New Year!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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3 Responses to “Are you following your Passion?”

  1. Peter Walls Says:

    Hi Greg
    It’s nice to be noticed! Thank you!
    Sometimes the Way of Passion gets a little murky and troubled as it were – your blog is wonderfully encouraging especially as we enter the new year.

    Please stop and say hello in January – I plan to be on Oliver P street every Friday around lunch time again this year from the 14th till who knows when!!

    Happy New Year


    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks Peter, I’m thrilled you made contact and even more thrilled we’ll be seeing more of you in Cork. I will definitely be saying howdy!!

      Have a great 2012.

  2. Nice to be noticed | Peter D Walls Says:

    […] […]

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