How much time off can you take this summer?

Summer Holidays

One week or two?

I am a few days away from my annual holidays and I can’t wait – it’s been quite a while since our last decent break and at this stage I could really do with it!!

For the next few days I have a “lorry load” of work to get through so that I can go on leave with a clear head, knowing that there is nothing important left undone.

This might sound like I am going away for a month but I am taking just one week off!

Feel familiar?

I wonder am I doing something wrong that I am managing just a week off?

I know the importance of some chill out, switch off time to recharge the batteries and I wonder is a week enough? To be honest I don’t think it is – I always need a few days to fully unwind, then I start to properly relax and with a few days left I tend to start thinking about work again. With a one week break you have barely relaxed when the break is nearly over!

While I know and understand this I feel a week is the maximum amount of time I could take off without disrupting the business to much. Deirdre, my other, and much better half is my partner in the business and she is holidaying with me, which affects the amount of time we can take off together but surely we should be able to manage more than a week?

In Fuzion we are really lucky in that we have a dedicated hard working team who we totally trust, so we should be able to take a longer break- this makes me wonder are we not delegating properly and enough?

I was chatting to another business owner about his holiday plans and he totally shared my anxiety about leave – he reckons the very most he could comfortably take off is about 10 days. So much for working for yourself!

Is this the reality of self employment or does this mean we are disorganised or have issues about effective delegation?

How much time off can you take this summer?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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2 Responses to “How much time off can you take this summer?”

  1. Keith Cotter Says:

    Greg, it is like the chicken and the egg this one. But first I ask you one question to ask yourself very truthfully? What is the fear? Write them down and then ask your yourself What is the advantages? Write them down. Surprised?

    We all at one stage had the luxzury of a job that paid us on annual leave and we all remember taking holidays then, had far more important things on our mind than wrapping up our desks before we left. Then we all venture to the world of self employment in search of our fortunes and visions of blissful tranquil islands that we can go to when we like and where we like…..and yet we can’t even afford a day off now without at least once calling the office to see if all is OK. If I can share any advice now, try taking that holiday for one week and switch off totally from the office, but have a staff member volunteer to keep a diary of the events, calls and who came in and out for the week. This helps you to read a summarised synopsis of the week and you are up to speed instantly, it helps that you totally relax in holidays and last but least, the office is still thriving after your week off, and now you begin to wonder could you stretch the next one to two weeks!!!!! Maybe those blissful islands are not far away after all!!!

    Enjoy the break!

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