The Glamourous Toll Booth Woman!

Toll Booth Woman

"How are you?"

Pulling into the Portlaoise toll booth and I know I am making good time for the meeting in the centre of Dublin, as long as traffic into the city is OK. That can be a lottery at times ..

As usual you scramble for change as you pull into the quietest toll booth.

How are you today?

I wasn’t expecting that.. as I look up I discover the voice behind the friendly greeting was a smiling and very glamorous woman, well groomed, perfect make-up, blonde hair and wearing a very neat blouse and accessorised with necklace and earrings. My guess is that she could be in her early fifties.

She quickly hands me my 20 cent change and I am moving again.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that friendly greeting, but why not?  I guess we can quickly get too used to the, no rapport, nothing interaction type of interpersonal transaction that can happen so often on the phone, in the shop, at the coffee shop, at the train station or anywhere that we quickly interact with people.

Somehow the toll booth was not a place where I was expecting a friendly interaction like that.

I am guessing that working at the Portlaoise toll booth was not my glamourous woman’s dream job but she has clearly decided that she is going to do it in the best possible way, with pride, positivity, efficiency and personality.

All the thousands of drivers on their monotonous journeys who she deals with everyday benefit from her decision to do her job in this way.

Glamourous blonde toll booth woman, thank you … and thank you to anyone who is not exactly doing their dream job but makes a decision to do it the best possible way, with pride and with a friendly smile.

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion

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6 Responses to “The Glamourous Toll Booth Woman!”

  1. Elaine Rogers Says:

    Greg, I think I met the same woman last week! And on my return from Dublin, I hit a whopper of a storm just 3 KM before the toll – the chap in the booth could not have been friendlier, he really sparked a ray of sunshine between the walls of black thunderous rain 🙂

  2. Fraser Says:

    I am just back from Virginia in the US, those uber polite Southerners could teach us all a huge amount about politeness and good manners regardless of the situation. Well done tolllady.

  3. lewisevans777 Says:

    There are a few shops around here where I’d love to be served by her!

  4. Little Miss Sunshine Says:

    Greg, I have had the pleasure of meeting this lady several times on trips from Dublin, her name is Deirdre & I find her to be a ray of sunshine, even on the rainiest of days…however, I think you are wrong on one point though, I am guessing her to be more in her 40’s than 50’s &, as no woman likes to discuss their age freely, I would put my final guess that she is 21 + VAT 🙂

    Well done on writing this piece, it is people like Deirdre (and yourself for writing the piece) who stand out & continue to make Ireland better place by taking pride in not only their work but also their outlook in life…its the little things in life that make me smile & we all know, manners & a smile cost nothing!

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Oopps …. Guessing a woman’s age is a perilous activity!!

      In any event she more than impressed me .. I am travelling through there this week and hope to be greeted by her.

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