The Secret of My Success


One of the guys my partner Greg and I really admire in business is Louis Copeland.  He is a very practical guy, full of positivity and like a breath of fresh air every time we meet him.  I remember when the storm clouds first came in on the economy we were listening to a national radio station and heard Louis being interviewed with loaded questions of doom and gloom.  The interviewer asked him how he would cope with this recession and Louis just said “I’m just going to get to work earlier, stay at work later and give my customers an even better service.” He added that this wasn’t his first recession and this is what he did for the others and was still around to tell the tale!

Doreen O'Mahony, Fuzion Communications
Doreen going that extra mile!

It was so refreshing to hear such a simple solution and both Greg and I vowed we would do the same.  This was over two years ago; our alarm clock goes off now at 6am every morning; we are at our desks for 7.30am and I can’t tell you the last time I was home in time for Coronation Street at 7.30pm!  (Although Greg doesn’t complain about that last part!!)

Greg, our Ringmaster, drums into us the value of customer service and going that extra mile for clients.  Within Fuzion we are instilled with an ethos of hard work on behalf of clients with lectures of Good to Great” and “Purple Cows” from Greg, that most of it does stick!  Because of this we have all become great practitioners of going that extra mile for clients.

One example is this photo; on a rare day off we went on a Charity Walk that a client was organising; Doreen our colleague came with us, even though she didn’t have to – she wanted to.  Not just content at taking part, there were record numbers of participants and she couldn’t get a good enough shot of the crowd so Greg had to lift her onto a pillar to take the shot.

She took time out for a client and then went that extra little bit to record the successful event.  Now that’s going that extra mile for a client (or 10k in this instance)!  It’s not going to appear on an invoice or a time sheet, but the client will remember it and so will Greg and I!!  For me this photo sums up going that extra mile for a customer.

There are other things we have done within Fuzion.  I joke that I dropped a dress size for a client!!!  Well my client Kate, was starting a really fab weight loss programme ( that I totally bought in to, thanks to her enthusiasm and passion for the product.  I wanted to be her first paying customer.

I went on to lose over a stone in weight in a month (badly needed) but was able to prove that the product was as good as our press release said.  I admit it was a big motivating factor that I didn’t want to let my client down by failing in my mission to lose a stone!!!  I was able to send messages out on facebook, once a week on my progress; received great encouragement from my friends and my client got some new clients as well as good exposure for her product.

Another example would be our work with Cystic Fibrosis.  We were once asked by a member of the board, who belonging to us had CF?  They felt we were so passionate about the issues that we must have a family member with CF!  We went on to win a major national award this year for our work with this client.

I don’t think a week goes by without one of the team going that extra mile for a client and I continue to be impressed by them and so glad they are part of the Fuzion family.  I know I can rely on them through thick and thin.  This past year has been especially tough, with not just work stuff, but losing my mum and others not being very well.  But they have shown me that not only do they go the extra mile for clients but for each other.

Such teamwork has helped us through so much and despite all the craziness around us we still have fun, we work hard, play hard and on the eve of our 10th birthday, I just want to dedicate this blog post to them and to thank them for focusing on what is important.  Happy Birthday Fuzion Love Dee xxx : )

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8 Responses to “The Secret of My Success”

  1. Rosaleen Says:

    Nice one, Dee. Very uplifting. Went to bed last night practically hysterical with the state of the country. Then husband rang me and told me that his meeting with european company went really well and we have reason to be optimistic for the future. Here’s to you and yours and also to me and mine. Cheers.

    • fuzionireland Says:

      Thanks for the feedback Rosaleen. It really is up to all of us to keep the positivity going. Neither the government or the banks are gonna do that for us any time soon, so we have to keep the head high and battle through with optimism. Best of everything xxxxx 🙂

  2. Jenny Murphy Says:

    Dee, Greg and all the gang at Fuzion, I only met you last spring but in a very short time you have all made a difference to me and to Red Balloon. You all have help me and my business grow. But most of all you have advised me, recommended me and steered me along the right path and even stopped me making a “huge” branding mistake.

    When I meet one of the Fuzion team it is so easy to realise that they love what they do. The whole Fuzion family is like that. You treat your clients and your friends like you would like to be treated, with a sincere smile and with meaningful advise.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Birthday, a Congratulations and a Huge Well Done, Best Wishes, Jenny Murphy, Red Balloon.

  3. Kate Nagle Says:

    Happy Birthday Fuzion! What a lovely blog. I definitely agree with you that the key is customer service. Well done to you all and thank you so much for all your work, extra effort, great ideas and support. Thank you Dee for going on a DietDeli Programme. We are delighted everytime some chooses DietDeli for their weight loss but most of all we are delighted that we were able to help you achieve your goal! Well done and we hope you all have a great night.
    xxx Kate

  4. Fiona Donnelly Says:

    Hi Dee, what a wonderful blog! I definitely agree with your attitude and ethos…It radiates from you and Greg as well as Fuzion. I was just yesterday having a conversation with Victor about attitude in the USA versus Ireland with regards to ‘going that extra mile’ having both of us lived and worked in both countries. The American’s have such a positive ‘can do’ attitude, which is uplifting and collective, and when one experiences it in this country it is refreshing and welcomed, and because it makes a lasting difference. Going that extra mile, is part of that can-do attitude, I believe. I have experienced a lot more positivity in recent weeks within the community where I work in Cork. I think its the ordinary person on the street that is bringing about that change, gradually within a community setting, that old-fashioned sense of community spirit is working away quietly yet effectively. If everyone had that sense of going that extra mile Dee, wouldn’t we collectively be more optimistic and uplifting, helping each other out aong the way?
    Happy Birthday Fuzion, well done. Fiona.

    • Greg Canty Says:

      thanks a million Fiona – the fabulous crew that we met on our courses made this year extra special and you were a special part of that.

      From one “Go the extra mile crew” to another ..



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