The Single BIGGEST PR Tip of all


Man on the Moon

From all of our work with clients and our collective experience and expertise I can offer you one simple piece of advice about Public Relations, one Golden Nugget that you need never look past..

“Never waste a Good Story”

This is a really simple guiding principle to apply, no books or no huge science required, just a straight forward case of Never Waste a Good Story.

Bring PR onto your business agenda, into your plans and objectives, into your management meetings – Ask the question “Do you have any good stories that should not be wasted?”

Once you realise you have a good story and you’ve decided you don’t want to waste it, that’s where the process, the science and the fun starts!

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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5 Responses to “The Single BIGGEST PR Tip of all”

  1. Roy Lalor Says:

    Sound advice Greg-we’re just starting on the PR route ourselves

    • Greg Canty Says:

      Hi Roy,

      A good and economical route – make sure you have your “stories” lined up. If not you need to create some or get involved in something that is press worthy.

      You know where a terrific, national award winning PR company is if you need them!

      Cheers – Greg

  2. Gary Luddington Says:

    Re PR – Agree line up all your stories including anticipating any negative reactions. Sometimes even, it is best to keep a low profile.
    Just remember “If you come to the surface and start spouting you can expect to be harpooned”


    • Greg Canty Says:

      Thanks for the feedback Gary – sometimes it is a good idea to keep the head done but it is really important not to “waste those good stories” …no prize for being invisible!

  3. Catherine Wilson Says:

    The key point being saving and promoting your “good stories” and learning from your “bad/negative” stories.

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