17 PR Tips that No One can do for You

Answer the phone promptly

Answer the phone promptly

PR or Public Relations is all about Managing your Reputation– protecting, maintaining, building and managing your reputation.

There is nothing more valuable as a good reputation and this is about a lot more than employing a PR company.

Your reputation is every single aspect of how your business relates to the outside world, your customers, your prospects, the general public and the media. This applies equally to a small store as it does to a large store or brand.

Ok, how about 16 Tips for improving and managing your Positive Reputation (PR)

1.    Behave in an upbeat way with staff and customers
2.    Ensure your staff does the same
3.    Answer the phones promptly, politely, positively and helpfully
4.    Return missed calls promptly
5.    Return email enquiries quickly
6.    Deliver a good, friendly service to customers
7.    Handle complaints fairly and efficiently
8.    Deliver products and services on time
9.    Be polite, fair and efficient with your suppliers and staff
10.    Keep customers and prospects up to date with new products, features and services
11.    Treat your customers with respect (even if they are experiencing difficulty and are under financial pressure)
12.    Ensure that your website and all your printed materials are well laid out, with correct English,  easily understood, professional and properly reflect your business
13.    Ensure your store, premises and vehicles are kept neat and tidy
14.    Ensure the attire of your staff is in keeping with the standards of your business
15.    Ensure your staff always talk up your company and do not air grievances outside of the four walls with external people – make a pact to sort things out internally
16.    Talk up the achievements of your company and the staff working there – their talents, skills and achievements

…. and number 17, a great tip from Sean McLoughney, Managing Director at Learning curve .. Adding this “soft”/internal PR as a key topic for internal management meetings, every bit as important as other topics/performance indicators.

This is not an exhaustive list – have a think about it and add another 5/10/20 points to improve your reputation even more. Even better get your team to help you with this task.

Ok, all of this is good for your business reputation, it didn’t require the intervention of third party consultants and oh yeah, it didn’t really cost a shilling – you still have your €1 left!

So far we have looked at some housekeeping reputation issues, what about behaving even more positively?

Greg Canty is a partner of Fuzion Communications

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12 Responses to “17 PR Tips that No One can do for You”

  1. Gina Boles Says:

    Hi Greg, really like the way you explain PR as Positive Reputation – that really does sum it up!

  2. Alan Rafferty Says:

    Great to see some positivity in all this doom and gloom!

    Nice work Greg

  3. Eoin Kennedy Says:

    This is an interesting point, one I encounter quite a bit in that companies sometimes believe that employing a PR company will resolve all their reputation issues. Silk Purse and Sows Ear comes to mind. Sometimes the best advise is to get the house in order before engaging outside help.

  4. Odette Norman Says:

    Hi Greg,

    I particularly like to sit down of a Sunday morning with a cuppa and browse through linkedin posts. Your post has been one that can translate into all areas of life and sometimes we all need a reminder of the accessible things we can do. Looking forward to the work week ahead. Thanks Odette

  5. Siubhan mc Carthy Says:

    Hi Greg,
    I may not always comment but I do enjoy many of your posts.
    You have a refreshingly ‘copped-on’ approach to business & PR.
    I’m going to print off this list & bring it to my next management meeting if I may – onwards & upwards!

    Well done & thank you!


  6. eleanor Says:

    Another post that enhances your Positive Reputation Greg. Interesting – as always…

  7. Ellie Redmond Says:

    Well said. Thank you. Must go through the list with our Team. Ellie

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