Climbing the stairs of PR, one step at a time- literally

Cocktails or Work?

Cocktails or Work?

Some people go to Lanzarote on their holidays for a week of sun, sea, sand and a torrid assault on their liver. Others who have a keen affinity with the outdoors take themselves off to trek the Andes for a few weeks at a time (an activity I could never even contemplate as I deem it to be an almost penitential pursuit).

Me? I made it as far as the South Mall in Cork.

I am a recent graduate and, like most of my ilk, have spent the past number of months searching for relevant employment in my field of interest.  The global recession has resulted in a dearth of jobs, particularly for those who have graduated in the past two years. Although we are not alone in this respect, it seems that graduate positions are only available to those who are qualified in the finance or commerce sectors, or those who are willing to work unpaid for a year.

I’m luckier than most. I am already in employment in a job that I love and which is challenging and eternally interesting. However I have worked in the airline industry for close to six years and the time has come for a change.

I have always had an interest in PR and it was always something I felt  would suit me and my capabilities. That being said, I have always felt I’d make a good airline pilot also, and so far I’m unlikely to give Amelia Earhart a run for her money. My problem has always been that I have a wide spectrum of interest (a direct quote from a UCC guidance counsellor) and so, never wanted to be tied down to one particular thing.

Working in PR gives me the opportunity to interact with a number of different industries, and because of this, I’m on a constant learning curve which I love. Aside from anything else, I’m one of those (irritating) individuals who has an opinion on most things. I’m not shy either so, as most of my friends will tell you, I rarely have an opinion or an idea that has gone unexpressed. After careful consideration, I thought I might as well put that aspect of my personality to good use and get myself a job in PR.

Almost nine months have passed since I graduated and, out of sheer frustration, I decided something had to be done. The fact of the matter is; good things do not come to those who wait. Whoever said that was not living in post-Celtic Tiger Ireland and possibly had a trust fund from which to sustain them.

With this in mind I took myself along to Fuzion and lay myself prostrate at their feet (metaphorically speaking of course) and asked, rather cheekily, if I could work with them for a week of my holidays. They graciously agreed and so, this is how you find me; sitting at a desk in one of Ireland’s best PR companies (they won an award today for Excellence in PR so I’m not biased!).

So far I have absolutely loved every minute of it, even the bits that everybody warned me were boring. I’ve learned more in 4 days than I would ever have done in 4 months in college. I’ve been thrown in the deep end and it’s absolutely fantastic learning how to swim! I haven’t made one cup of coffee all week, nor have I photocopied a single page. I’ve been helping one of the girls with an up-coming event and, although it’s hard work, it’s never boring. I think I’ve eventually found my niche!

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have found myself in an office where everybody is so helpful and eager for me to learn what the industry is about. Last night I went to the PR course in the Cork International Airport Hotel with Deirdre and Greg, and I learned so much in 3 hours that my head was spinning. The gaps in my knowledge could fill the archives of Cork City Library but at least I have a reference point from which to start.

As for my holidays; well, due to the fine weather in Cork I’ve been existing in sub-tropical climes since Monday so who needs Lanzarote??? And, had I a physically active bone in body, I’d be grateful for the mountainous trek up to the 4th floor office every morning. As it is, I anticipate having Venus Williams-style thighs come Friday so that when I get back to work everybody will think I’ve been away at boot-camp.


The New PR Girl!!

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6 Responses to “Climbing the stairs of PR, one step at a time- literally”

  1. Julie Silfverberg Says:

    Well done Kerrie, as Brian Tracy says the only way to think is; “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” it sounds like you really have this frame of mind & thus will go far. Best of luck with the rest of your career.

  2. Martine Brennan Says:

    Kerrie, I want to applaud your efforts. This is just the kind of thinking ouside the box solution that we need far more of in the current climate. I really like your style and fair play to all at Fuzion too!

  3. ken Buckley Says:

    Hi kerrie,
    If any of the things you learned at the PR course regards photo opportunities you’d like to see in practice,I’d be delighted to bring you free of charge to our next exhibition 🙂
    Well done,you’ve “landed” a great job with great people & I wish you the very best in your new career.

  4. Steven Says:

    Just to echo the other comments. Well done Kerrie for the “hootspa” and also to Fuzion for recognizing this and harnessing it. Good results ahead methinks!

  5. sNarah Says:

    I love your iniative and clearly it is going to create great opportunities for you! Imerge and take in as much as you can, and try to enjoy it truly and dearly! Best of luck, Sarah.

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