O’Briens Sandwich Bars in Examinership – Landlords Fault?


One of the success stories of the last 10 years comes to an abrupt crash, Why?

Is it the proposition losing its USP in the face of increased competition, did they stop innovating, were too many units leased to investors and not to owner operators, did the quality of service drop in too many outlets, did the model of holding the ‘head lease’ that would keep a level of control ultimately backfire on the organisation, have levels of rent crippled the store?

Whatever the reasons there are now empty units that O’Briens are paying rent on and many franchisees have stopped paying royalties\franchise fees, which has the whole business on the brink of falling with many jobs at risk.

In the Spend Ireland spirit landlords, franchisees and O’Briens will have to work together in the spirit of partnership to keep employees and suppliers going.

Landlords need to be realistic about rent and O’Briens need to support struggling stores. O’Briens need to get back to innovating and doing what it did best, a long time ago.

Spend Ireland – Your Country Needs You


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