The Recession Has Ended

The Recession has Ended - 11th June 2009

The Recession has Ended - 11th June 2009

This headline was so encouraging this week from the UK and based on recent data about housing prices, consumer prices etc. According to how the ‘officials’ measure the economy this declares that the recession in the UK is over.

If this headline was on an Irish paper would we believe it?

At first we would be sceptical and if we heard it enough then maybe we would start to believe it. Once we started to believe it then a few would take the lead and would start behaving optimistically in the marketplace. Bit by bit more of us would join in and the whole economy would start moving again with confidence.

While the Irish economy is not yet in recovery would it improve if we started acting more positive?

Is it all about attitude? Is it attitude that got us into trouble in the first place? Is it attitude that will get us out?

Post by: Greg Canty

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One Response to “The Recession Has Ended”

  1. Maria Says:


    I’m looking for a hi-rez version of this newspaper page to use in an advertisement for our community group that serves hard-hit working people. There once was one attached to the thumbnail, but now it’s gone, and I can’t get it at the source. Does anybody have one they can email me?



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